Friday, May 27, 2005

For Freedom: The Travel Diaries of Francisco de Miranda (1783)


According to
Wikipedia, "Francisco de Miranda (born on March 28, 1750, died on July 14, 1816) was a South American revolutionary whose own plan for the independence of the Spanish American colonies failed, but is someone regarded as a forerunner of Bolivar and other more effective American fighters for independence. Born and raised in Caracas, Miranda was the son of a wealthy merchant from the Canary Islands, a province of Spain. He traveled throughout Europe, becoming a social sensation and garnering support for the independence of Spanish America. He had made friends with many important leaders and political figures throughout Europe, such as British Prime Minister William Pitt. Some claim he even had an affair with Catherine the Great of Russia, although this is improbable and unconfirmed (there was a large age difference). Miranda took part in military operations in the three continents: Africa, Europe and America, and played an important role in some of the great historical events of the time. In the American Revolutionary War, he commanded Spanish troops aiding American insurgents in Florida and Mississippi. While in the U.S. he met with George Washington, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, among others. He had a home in London where he married a British lady and had two children. Earlier, in middle of the French Revolution, he served France as an important general. His name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. His greatest contribution is probably in the independence struggle for the liberation of the colonies in Spanish America.".

Miranda wrote extensive, fascinating diaries - most of them remain still largely untranslated to English. I believe they would make excellent material for a mini-series or a movie ('For Freedom' is the title I have chosen for it). I'm working on that idea with my father and in the Hollywood marketing with my cousin and a friend, while also engaging ocassionally in the daunting, patient task of translating Miranda's diaries. It is by no means an easy one, because of the old Spanish used by Miranda. But the historical value of this document is undeniable, and it should be very welcome by the English-speaking readers interested in history.

Yesterday I read that Leonardo Padron, Venezuelan screenplay writer of 'Manuela Sanz' is also working on one about this very same character, but for a movie, 'Miranda'. I wish him good luck, he's a very good screenwriter.

Note - Sept '05: In June 2005, following prudent advice, I took care of legally protecting my copyright for the "For Freedom" screenplay title, ideas and synopsis at I suppose it makes sense these days, in order to be in a position to market the project.

For inquiries about the script of "For Freedom" and a pdf version of the Spanish, nearly complete copy
of the 'Diario de viajes', please send me an email.

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