Saturday, January 07, 2006

Journal of an Imprisonment in Seringapatam (1781-1784)


Here's the Journal of an Imprisonment in Seringapatam during the years 1781,1782,1783, and part of 1780 and 1784,
by the Hon. John Lindsay, courtesy of Hanover Press.

Excerpt of the day:

"May 17. I this day made a most agreeable discovery in my berth, for, as I was fixing a rope from a part near the roof, I pulled out a tile, and upon looking through this hole, was agreeably surprised to find that that part of the prison looked into the principal street of the town, and the vast concourse of people that presented themselves to the sight, and the various objects that were continually passing backwards and forwards, was an agreeable amusement to feast the eyes with. I therefore took care to place the tile so as to move it to one side when I wanted to look, and to keep it shut at other times, that the guard might not take notice of it.. "


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