Sunday, February 03, 2008

PilotGirl's blog

Today's recommended blog is Sony Stark's, a.k.a. PilotGirl. As per her own statement, PilotGirl is a videographer who has traveled to 25 countries on all five continents... ran the Marine Corps Marathon ... in her spare time, she hangs out with her golden retriever, Rocco. Ms. Stark has pretty good pictures, well organized, great authentic material - everything any good decent blog ought to have. The blog entries are usually brief and to the point, peppered with substantial tips and professional impressions. The picture of friendly Quatis, to the right, comes from PilotGirl's blog.

As for here, the cold is still out there, although receding - for the time being. Present choice of reading is J. M. Roberts' The Penguin Short History of the World (now short it is not, I don't think so, it will take ages to finish it but it's such a great classic, it's well worth all the paragraph by paragraph re-reading). Eyeing The Investigation, bought last month but have not found the time to start yet. Written by a retired Federal Agent on the allegedly forged Howard Hughes will and conclusions as to why it may prove to be true, after all. If so, poor Melvin Dummar (whose thumbprint was supposedly found both on the will and on the cover of a book on hoaxes at his college library and caused a Nevada claim to dismiss the will in 1978) was the victim of a sad bad error in judgment and should have had access to his 1/16 stake of the multi-million dollar estate of The Aviator.

Fragment (chosen for friend John C.): "Lincolnshire has been an absolute treasure this weekend. Who knew that so many major motion films shot in dozens of stately castles, cathedrals and churches here? When Westminster Abbey rebuffed Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code request the film crews came to Lincolnshire and filmed beautiful lcations inside the Lincoln Cathedral. Just down the road a bit is Keira Knightley’s Pride and Prejudice was filmed. And next summer, Judy Dench stars in another iconic film shot here. This place is more popular than New Zealand! Of course, I’m having the time of my life! There are so many idyllic cobble-stone streets lined with food stalls, fresh markets, crumbling stone walls, quaint cafes and fresh bakeries. The area is rich with scholarly influence dating back 900 years, long before Oxford and Cambridge were founded. And every 15 minutes the Cathedral bells silence the frenetic masses into quiet contemplation. Its chimes can be heard for miles. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the The Burghley Castle, its 76 fireplaces, the witty and congenial Miss Lady Victoria and a restaurant with 46 varieties of cheese just for dessert. So much more to come."

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