Monday, June 20, 2005

Wynne's Diary: The Life and Times of an Edwardian Lady (1895-1931)


Wynne's Diary contains the journal of Winifred Llewhellin, born on June 15, 1879. Wynne's entries covered 30 volumes over a span of 36 years. The website is still under construction (a true titanic effort, well worth a good praise) and we look forward to reading more as it develops further.

Two entries from the same year, 1913:

"January 8th, Wednesday:
My days are spent in writing, reading, working and driving, this is the programme and I am utterly content for the rest and change. I love my life but sometimes it is a relief just to do nothing as our days are very full at home always


"July 9th:
I was to have returned to home and duty today but Ell persuaded me to stay till tomorrow as he had taken tickets at the Palace for the Williamsons and me. At 11.0 I went off to Lords where I met him and watched an interesting end to the Match in favour of Cambridge, then to lunch after which Ell and I drove off to the Club. ... (In the evening) I dressed hastily, had dinner and went off to meet the others at the Palace. There we saw an excellent performance and the immortal Pavlova who never danced better in her life - to the Carlton to supper, very nice and sat there till past 1.0.

We are not too late to watch the extraordinary Anna Pavlova in a rare performance of Saint-Saƫns' Le Cygne.

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