Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A discovery: Hale Farm & Village (1863)

It must be said that the place exudes the very kindness and good spirit of the people who work there. I am convinced that to stumble across it, in the very heart of Bath Township in Summit County, may be the best thing that could possibly happen to you this or any Ohio summer on a warm Sunday afternoon.

There is a number of very well preserved buildings and many paths to explore. You can learn about bricks & crafts, good schooling and maple syrup; about living in a cabin, religious traditions and Mister Benjamin Franklin Wade. Our thoughts flew to families with nine children living in a dark log cabin in winter, without glass windows.

And we sang the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' by the piano with cheerful patriotic folks, and attended a domestic session of bread-making.

To be sure, the gloomy days of the War between the States seem less wearisome and more hopeful in Hale, and should God place you in Mr. Richard and his daughter Mrs. Williams' stately home whenever a tornado becomes a happenstance, you should consider yourself lucky.

They will entertain you and be quite hospitable - Mr. Richards even offered his crisp copy of Harper's New Monthly for me to peruse until the rain eventually ceased.

Hallelujah! We shall return to visit our new acquaintances and friends soon.


Werbeartikel said...

Excellent post. You really have a way with words. Good to know about such a place.

Rainbow Painter said...

Sounds quite interesting. Thanks for letting us know about this. Nice read.

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