Friday, July 04, 2008

Fawcett's Basalt Idol

Before disappearing forever in the jungle in 1925, Percy Harrison Fawcett took with him this mysterious basalt idol, a gift of Sir Henry Rider Haggard (June 22, 1856 – May 14, 1925), the famed writer.

Apparently, the idol had belonged to Rider Haggard's son. Fawcett insisted there was some weird electricity generated from inside the idol, that would reach up the arm of those who held it.

Some claim he had obtained it from a slave in a Brazilian fazienda - a plantation; others attribute the finding to the British Consul O'Sullivan Beare. Fawcett had sent it to the British Museum for analysis, but the research came out inconclusive.

A few researchers like Prof. Barry Fell have reported progress in deciphering the writing on the statue; that the language was creole Minoan Hitite and that it was an appeal for people to visit a temple and pay a token.

Perhaps someday in the future, someone will rescue it back from the heart of the jungle and modern science shall be able to examine it more closely...

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